Muhyiddin: Zahid visited with pile of files, asking for help

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Former prime minister Muhyiddin Yassin has divulged more details regarding his claims that Umno leader Ahmad Zahid Hamidi sought his intervention in court cases.

Muhyiddin said the Umno president visited a few days after he took office as prime minister with a pile of files.

“I asked him, what are these files? Zahid said ‘my case’.


“(Zahid said)’ Help Tan Sri (Muhyiddin), I did not do these things I was accused of,” said the Bersatu president during a speech in Tangkak, Johor, last night.

Muhyiddin said he told Zahid that if he was innocent, then he should go through the court process.

Muhyiddin also repeated his claim that Najib Abdul Razak sought his help to remove Gopal Sri Ram as a prosecutor in the latter’s ongoing criminal court case.

He said the request was made when Najib visited him at his office – ostensibly to congratulate his appointment as prime minister.

“But as we talked, the same thing cropped up, the court case,” Muhyiddin said.

Muhyiddin said he refused to interfere in Zahid and Najib’s court cases, which incited their anger and resulted in attempts to destabilise the government.

Najib has denied seeking Muhyiddin’s help with his court cases and has threatened to sue the former prime minister. – Malaysiakini