Mystery of the Missing Pastor Deepens

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Evidence of a well-synchronised and professionally executed abduction ala Mission Impossible style.

  • CCTV footage shows well-synchronised and professionally executed abduction
  • Daring kidnapping seems a well-funded operation
  • Efficient modus operandi in less than a minute
  • Rumours of abduction related to religious misunderstandings

It’s been three weeks since Pastor Raymond Koh Keng Joo’s disappearance and more bizarre details have emerged. Footage from the CCTV camera shows a well-synchronised and professionally executed abduction ala Mission Impossible style.

Taking place in broad daylight in a residential area, one SUV overtook Pastor Koh’s Honda Accord, another tailed from behind, and a third was on the other side of the road against the oncoming traffic. This was the modus operandi to box in Pastor Koh’s vehicle.

A Proton followed from behind, tailed by two motorcyclists and a second Proton. When the first Proton came to a halt, the motorcyclists rode ahead of the stopped vehicles. It was obvious that their role was to direct traffic coming from the opposite direction where the third SUV had stopped – on the right side of Pastor Koh’s car.

When a Myvi which was behind the stalled vehicles wanted to overtake the second Proton, a passenger got out to instruct the driver to reverse. This was followed by one of the motorcyclists.

Meanwhile, the pastor had been bundled into an SUV and one of the abductors drove off in the Honda Accord.

Carried out with precision, the abduction was over in 42 seconds. At least five men, all wearing ski masks, were involved.

Free Malaysia Today has reported that Pastor Koh’s son, Jonathan, has lodged a second police report stating his suspicion that his father had been murdered by his abductors.

Fearing the worst, Jonathan said his reason for filing a second police report was due to the lack of ransom demand or information despite the RM100,000 reward offered by the family.

On February 28, Malaysiakini reported that the family, through their lawyers, had written to the officer heading the task force to probe the case requesting a meeting, said the family’s lawyer Philip Koh. Despite lodging two police reports, the family had stated that there has been no update or information from the police.

Responding to the note from the family’s lawyer, Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar has instructed that the Koh family be updated on the latest developments by the authorities.

Speaking to Malaysiakini, he has also urged the public to refrain from speculating on the case – rumour has been circulating that the abduction is related to religious misunderstandings.

Koh courted controversy in 2011 after his NGO was accused by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) for proselytising Muslims following a raid on a thanksgiving and fund-raising dinner at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church.

The Christian Federation of Malaysia (CFM) has condemned the abduction, saying that religious leaders should be spared from attacks or intimidation.

Those with any credible information or leads on the investigation can contact Jonathan Koh at 011-3973-2670.

The operatives were well-rehearsed in their role, taking less than a minute to pull off the daring kidnapping. The abductors appeared to be uniformly slim and fit for the job as if they were specially selected for it. The vehicles involved – black SUVs and light-coloured Proton cars – hint at a well-funded operation. The degree of efficiency and sophistication is hard to dispute.