Najib Innocent? Shafee Needs to Read Billion Dollar Whale Properly

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Tan Sri Muhammad Shafee Abdullah may not have read Billion Dollar Whale well when he said that the book had cleared his client Datuk Seri Najib Razak of wrongdoings as he was misled or cheated by Low Taek Jho, according to Tom Wright.

“It’s nonsense, Shafee didn’t read the book properly for sure,” the journalist and author of the book said in an interview on BFM’s Breakfast Grille show this morning, responding to the lawyer’s claim.

He said they (the authors) were fair to Najib in the book, as they had pointed out that the former prime minister did not know everything that took place and that only Low knew.

Reuters / Bloomberg

But Wright said that did not absolve Najib from any wrongdoings.

“Najib probably didn’t know that RM4.5 billion or more was taken from the Malaysian people but he did know it was slush funds and all his assets getting purged, including the house they were staying in, all the businesses in the US, the film company and the US$27 million pink diamond from Lorraine Schwartz Najib’s wife Rosmah got,” he said.

Wright said, Najib repeatedly said that the money was a donation from the Arab Saudi royals and the money was returned.

“But money went back to an offshore company Tanore Finance,” he said.


“The money neither came or went to the Saudi, the money came from 1MDB via Tanore and went back to Tanore and from there it was used to buy the US$27 million jewellery for Najib’s wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor,” he added. 

– Malay Mail