Najib: Neither Umno nor I are Accusing Police of Theft

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CCID director says Najib failed to prove RM160 million was seized.

Former premier Najib Abdul Razak said neither Umno nor he is accusing the police of theft with regard to the cash seized from the units in Pavilion Residence.

However, he declined to comment further when asked about federal commercial crimes investigation department (CCID) director Amar Singh’s statement that Najib failed to substantiate or explain his claim in a police report that a total of RM160 million was seized during the raids.

“I decline to comment further as the matter is already in court with the details contained in the writ filed by Umno. Let the courts proceed with the hearings.


“Neither Umno nor I am accusing any parties, especially the police of theft, although it was recently reported that RM3.5 million was stolen during the transfer of the party funds from the safes at the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) to Pavilion,” Najib told Malaysiakini.

Seventeen security personnel under investigation for allegedly stealing the RM3.5 million from the PMO have since been released on bail.

Last week, Umno had filed a writ of summons in the High Court, claiming RM43.3 million in losses from the police force.

The party alleged that the amount went missing during the police raids.

The writ also focussed on Amar citing different figures with regard to the amount seized during the raids, which both Najib and Umno claims belong to the party.

Earlier, Amar denied the allegation by blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin that the police had stolen the RM43.3 million.

He said the allegation is “simply ludicrous”.

“I will not pay heed to such a writer. He has branded himself an ‘investigative journalist’ but he’s more like a mercenary writer.

“His allegation is baseless. If he (Raja Petra) really has credible information, then be brave enough to lodge a report in Malaysia. Don’t hide behind a cyber curtain,” Amar told a press conference at the CCID headquarters on Friday (Sept 28).

Yusof Mat Isa

“The basis of his claim is that on May 25, I said RM114 million was seized and later on June 28 said RM116 million was seized. He is using this discrepancy to claim that we are not sure of the figures,” Amar said.

He said that RM114 million was only the amount found in the condominium at Pavilion.

“We also conducted raids at five other premises. After we counted the cash from all the raids, I said in my press conference on June 28 that the total amount recovered was RM116 million.”

Umno subsequently filed a suit for the return of the money, alleging it belonged to the party. However, Raja Petra claimed that based on a writ filed by Umno, the party had alleged that RM160 million was confiscated by the police, not RM116.7 million as declared by Amar at a press conference on the total seizures.

Amar said only after the amount was announced had Najib claimed that the money belonged to Umno and that the actual amount was RM160 million.

He added that Najib only made claims but could not substantiate them or how the figure was arrived at.

“You must have some documents to show that this amount of money was taken out,” Amar said.

He pointed out that as an investigative reporter, Raja Petra should ask how the money could have been stolen.

“The RM114 million was found in 35 bags. For RM43 million, you would need around 10 to 15 bags. How could we do this when there were over 100 CCTV cameras, police officers with video recordings, witnesses, over 50 journalists and only one entrance in and out?”

He stressed that he was 100% sure that the cash that was recovered from the raids was the same amount seized by the police.

“I am not taking lightly any party accusing the police of stealing money.

“I urge Raja Petra to come forward and lodge a report. If the report turns out to be false, then he will face the full brunt of the law,” he said.