Name BN party in ‘IC for votes’ scandal, Leiking tells Ongkili

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A Warisan leader has praised Maximus Ongkili for finally admitting that a Barisan Nasional (BN) component party had issued identification cards (ICs) to undocumented migrants in Sabah in exchange for votes.

Darell Leiking said it was good that the Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) president had made public that a BN party was behind such “treacherous” practices “after all these years”.

He said the issuing of ICs to undocumented migrants had altered the East Malaysian state’s demographic and led to an exponential increase in Sabah’s population.

“Can my friend, Maximus Ongkili, state which party in BN had damaged Sabah by giving IC in exchange for votes?

“He should immediately do so to right the travesty of justice made against every genuine Sabahan, and so that action can be taken against those responsible,” the Warisan deputy president told FMT.

Leiking said the revelation by Ongkili, who is also Sabah and Sarawak affairs minister, provided more reasons for Sabahans to take a united stand against political parties that used the state for their selfish reasons.

Their leadership, he said, had no love for the state and its people.

He went on to call for the electoral roll to be “cleansed” of these dubious MyKad holders.

“How many more elections will be held with dubious voters?” asked the former international trade and industry minister.

Earlier today, Ongkili said the BN party’s involvement in using undocumented migrants for its own political interests had been proven by the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) on illegal immigrants in Sabah formed under the Najib Razak administration.

However, he did not name the party or state when this was allegedly done.

PBS used to be a part of BN but left after the coalition lost in the 14th general election. – FMT

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