Netizens ask why UMMC is turning to the public for funds

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Malaysians who initially suspected University Malaya Medical Centre’s (UMMC) Lazada fundraiser to be a scam are curious to find out why it is asking for donations after finding out that it is real.

First circulated by user zt000tz, the twitter thread linking the fundraiser page called “Pusat Perubatan University Malaysia” has since been retweeted more than 1,300 times.

User zt00otz said she called UMMC’s secretariat several times to confirm if it was official but to no avail.

Another user, irhamzin1, was sceptical of the fundraiser and asked whether it was officially sanctioned.

Meanwhile, Inbarajs asked zt00otz to delete the tweet for fear that others would unknowingly fall for the “scam”.

However, another user, nurhalimatun, said a few other organisations such as MERCY, the Red Crescent, and Zoo Negara had fundraisers on Lazada as well.

UMMC’s official twitter account replied shortly after and confirmed that the fundraiser was indeed theirs.

User ladykirat was baffled to find that the fundraiser was for real, replying with “As dystopian as this sounds, it’s legit”.

Quite a number of netizens were asking why UMMC was turning to the public for funding.

One of them, lfc_eddie, asked why the government is spending RM35 million for three halls and another RM1.3 billion to revamp the immigration system when UMMC seemed to be in need of help.

DonJuan6009 asked “where the prime minister, his ministers and their deputies are in this situation”.

User greenbeansoya suggested that the salaries of government leaders should go to hospitals instead.

GanXhiyan tagged the health director-general and the health ministry and asked what happened to the allocation assigned to frontliners and hospitals.

Another user, meforevermy, found the state of affairs “sad”. – FMT