Noises from Couple’s Unit After Finding Ivana’s Body

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Building manager says she was one of the first few people who saw the model’s body on Dec 7 and immediately phoned the police.

The building manager of CapSquare Residences, where Dutch model Ivana Smit was found dead last year, told an inquest into her death today that she had heard noises coming from the unit where Smit was staying.

Vanessa Nayar, 34, who told the police on Dec 7 last year that Smit’s body was found on the balcony of a sixth-floor apartment unit, testified that she heard “noises” and “felt someone was inside” the 20th-floor unit of Smit’s American-Kazakh hosts.

“The police accompanied me from the sixth floor at around 3pm. We rang the bell and knocked on the door of the 20th-floor apartment, but no one answered. But I thought I heard a noise, something inside.

“So I told the police that I wanted to call Alex Johnson and Luna Almaz, the couple staying in that unit. Then, I went downstairs to my office and called them – we have their numbers in our records there.

“One phone was ringing, but the other – I can’t remember whose number it was – was not reachable. Later, I went to check the records of their access cards to see if they had used the lifts that day,” Nayar told the inquest at the Kuala Lumpur Coroner’s Court today.

Nayar is the fifth witness to testify in the 18-day inquest into Smit’s death.

Earlier, Nayar said she went to the sixth-floor unit just before 2.30pm on Dec 7 after a CapSquare staff told her a body had been found.

She said she immediately called the police and her superiors.

The staff member, a technician, testified earlier in the inquest.

Both he and Nayar claimed to have seen a pair of legs sticking out on the balcony of the sixth-floor condo unit on the afternoon of Dec 7.

They said the body was covered in debris and plastic, but claimed they did not approach or touch it.

A foreigner staying in the sixth-floor condo unit previously told the inquest he had found Smit’s body after noticing that his balcony roof was broken.

Police believe Smit fell to her death from the 20th floor, after crashing through a balcony roof on the sixth floor.


Nayar also testified that she initially told the police Smit’s body was that of a Chinese male because of the victim’s skin colour.

She said she couldn’t recall if the victim’s face was covered and did not immediately know whether she was a resident of the building.

However, when she later went through CCTV footage with the police, she identified the victim with the couple entering the building in the early hours of Dec 7. “I said it sure looks like her.”

The couple and Smit reportedly went out for drinks in Bangsar the night before, returning to the apartment early on Dec 7.

Smit is believed to have fallen off the balcony at around 10am that day.

The duo has maintained they are innocent. They told UK’s Daily Mail that Ivana had likely fallen off their balcony on her own.

The couple is expected to testify next week.

Police initially classified the case as sudden death but an investigation was reopened by the Dang Wangi police following claims of foul play by Smit’s family. – FMT