Nora Anne Inquest: Police Lifted 8 Fingerprints from Window at Jungle Villa

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A total of eight fingerprints were lifted from a window at a jungle villa where Irish-French teen Nora Anne Quoirin supposedly exited and disappeared near here last year, a former state Criminal Investigations Department chief testified at the Coroner’s Court today.

Assistant Commissioner Wan Rukman Wan Hassan who previously headed the Negri Sembilan Criminal Investigation Department said the police made the findings after dusting the window at Sora House located within The Dusun resort for fingerprints.

He added that the fingerprints were lifted on August 4, 2019, subsequent to a missing person’s report lodged by the resort owner and family on the same day.

The two-storey Sora House is one of seven bungalows located in The Dusun resort compound where Quoirin and her family stayed after they arrived on August 3, 2019.

“We managed to obtain eight fingerprints from the window frame and 20 samples taken from family members, workers, former workers and workers in an adjacent resort for our comparisons.

“The results which I was informed of on August 6, 2019, on the eight samples were as followed; four of them had inadequate features while four more were in suitable condition.

MIera Zulyana

“Of the four that we compared with the 20 samples we obtained, only one matched the mother of the missing person while the remaining three were unknown,” Wak Rukman, the 11th witness in Quoirin’s inquest, told Coroner Maimoonah Aid.

When asked further what he meant by inadequate features by Quoirin’s lawyer S Sakthyvell, Wak Rukman explained that these fingerprints could mean partial or side prints which rendered them unsuitable for analysis.

As for the three unknown fingerprints and whether Quoirin’s fingerprint could be one of them, Wak Rukman explained that it may also belong to the previous tenants before affirming that the authorities managed to obtain the girl’s fingerprint through the assistance of the International Criminal Police Organisation (Interpol).

“At that time when we lacked a sample, we did manage to obtain a fingerprint sample later from her home country through Interpol, but it was her middle finger.

“But that too was incomplete, and we couldn’t make our comparison.

“Even after she was found and a sample taken, there was no positive result as her prints have shrivelled due to the exposure [of her body] to the environment,” he said. – MMO