NRD: Rumours that many Bangladeshis given MyKad untrue

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The National Registration Department (NRD) has dismissed rumours that many Bangladeshis have been issued identity cards (MyKad) ahead of GE15.

Hari Anggara

NRD said that the allegations are not true and that MyKads are only issued to eligible Malaysian citizens.

The NRD also said insinuations that MyKads could be issued to just any Bangladeshi was not true. However, it said that the individual whose MyKad was used in a viral message was a Malaysian citizen.

“The individual was legally adopted and raised by a Chinese family from birth. In fact, this has been reported by the media before,” the NRD said in a statement on Tuesday (Oct 25).

According to NRD, a police report was made on Oct 23 as the allegation not only tarnishes the department’s image and undermines its credibility but could also cause public alarm.

“The report was made so that the police can investigate any party spreading the false claim,” read the statement.

NRD also cautioned the public to check the validity of any information before sharing it and that legal action would be taken against anyone spreading false information.

For any queries, the public can contact the NRD corporate communications unit at 03-8880 7077 or email