Open Letter to IGP from Pastor Raymond Koh’s Wife

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In an open letter to Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar, the wife of missing Pastor Raymond Koh chastised him over the handling of the investigation into her husband’s disappearance.

In the open letter on Wednesday, the eve of the 200th day of Koh’s abduction, Susanna Liew Sow Yoke said: “We are devastated. What makes it worse is the way you and the police under your command have treated us, Raymond’s family, while conducting investigations into his abduction.”

Liew had voiced dissatisfaction with the lack of police updates on the case developments, saying she only knew what she had read in press reports.

She said that the family was advised by the police not to discuss the case with the media so that it would not “hamper investigations”.

“I am bewildered why you have chosen to ignore your own advice,” she chided Khalid, adding that she found the public announcements of the case to the media “disturbing”.

Liew called the public announcements made by the IGP since April about developments in the case vague, inconsistent and “bordering on sensationalism”. She said the inconsistencies “raise more questions than answers and doubts about the authorities’ commitment to properly investigate this case”.

One of the announcements Liew referred to was a statement issued by the police related to the arrest of a drug trafficking suspect in Kedah. Photos believed to be of Koh’s house and car were found in a raid of the suspect’s house after he was killed in a shootout with police.

She pointed out that Khalid’s comments on the shootout did not match what was originally said by the Kedah police during their press conference on Jun 18, where there had been no mention of the photos in the extensive list of evidence displayed to the media.

There was also a discrepancy in the description of the suspect who was killed in the police shootout, she said.

“While IGP Khalid claimed that the dead man was a ‘main player in an arms, drugs and human trafficking syndicate’, a week earlier, Kedah police chief Asri Yusoff had said that the police believed that this man was a smuggler of arms and drugs from Thailand working alone.

“I do not know why you and the police have chosen to treat us this way,” she said, referring to Khalid.

“Why are you doing this? If this sensational story is based on a logical and credible line of enquiry with verifiable evidence, then why not update me accordingly?

“If there is no credible evidence, then why build this narrative in the full glare of the media spotlight? Why is there a need for this?” she asked.

Khalid had previously revealed that police were also investigating Koh for proselytising, as there were police reports over such an offence.

With regards to this, she expressed disappointment with the IGP for investigating her husband’s alleged proselytising rather than solving his abduction.

Noting that Khalid would be retiring on his birthday on Sep 5, Liew wished him a happy retirement and happy birthday, and expressed hope that his successor would “turn a new page on this case”.

Malaysia PM Press Office/Twitter

“I pray that God will bless you and grant you a good life with your loved ones after your long service to the nation.

“I am reminded that Raymond’s own birthday is on Nov 2, and I still hope and pray that he will return to celebrate this day with us,” she said.

Liew said Malaysia’s image as a nation committed to the rule of law was at stake in this case.

“It is imperative that all parties can work together to ensure that investigations are conducted in a transparent, impartial and accountable manner so that truth and justice prevail,” she added.

Koh, 62, was abducted by a group of masked men in SS4, Kelana Jaya, on the morning of Feb 13.

CCTV footage that emerged later showed what appeared to be a well-executed plan involving seven vehicles and at least 12 individuals. The entire episode took place in under a minute, after which all the vehicles, including Koh’s car, were seen driven away.