Overcharged phone caused fire that led to Cradle Fund CEO’s death, court told

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The Shah Alam High Court was told today that the spark from a mobile phone that was being charged had started a fire which led to the death of Cradle Fund chief executive officer (CEO) Nazrin Hassan.

Lead counsel Shafee Abdullah, representing Nazrin’s wife Samirah Muzaffar and two teenagers in the murder trial, pointed to the testimony of an expert, Sa’ad Mat Nasib, during previous proceedings.

Sa’ad is a weapons duty officer at the Selangor police headquarters.

“In reference to the exhibit, he (Sa’ad) said he could not exclude the possibility of the explosion due to overcharging,” Shafee said.


“I cannot exclude the possibility that the phone has been overcharged because overcharging could cause the explosion. The overcharging could cause the battery to swell and explode, and the spark could cause the fire,” Sa’ad had said in his submission at the close of the prosecution’s case.

Shafee said the Blackberry S2 phone that was being charged was 90% destroyed while another phone, a Huawei, sat near the Blackberry “almost in pristine condition”.

He said Sa’ad was the only person the prosecution had proven was an expert, while the firemen who were present at the scene were not experts to investigate, analyse and interpret murder and crime scenes.

Shafee also said that a wound mark on Nazrin’s head was angular in shape and consistent with the pattern on the corner of the bed frame.

“Maybe he got out of the bed, became disoriented, fell, and knocked his head on the corner of the bed frame, and sprawled face-up on the floor,” he said.

The hearing before Judge Ab Karim Ab Rahman continues on April 22.

Samirah and the two teenagers, along with Indonesian Eka Wahyu Lestari, who is at large, are accused of murdering Nazrin at their home in Mutiara Damansara on June 14, 2018.

The two teenagers could not be named as they were minors at the time of the incident. – FMT