Prisons Dept: Azilah Never Left Prison to Meet any VVIP

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The Prisons Department has denied lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah’s allegation that death row inmate Azilah Hadri might have been brought out of the Kajang prison to meet a VVIP in February.


In a statement, the department revealed that the last time Azilah was brought out from the prison was in 2015 and it was to attend a court proceeding in Sepang.

“Azilah Hadri was never brought out from prison in 2019.

“The last time he was taken outside the Kajang Prison was on April 15, 2015 for his trial proceedings at the Sepang magistrates court,” the department said.

It further stressed that based on records, Azilah only received visits from family members and lawyers for the past year, and that he has never been allowed to leave the prison for any function since 2015.

“Azilah received visits from family members 34 times while his lawyers came to see him 15 times in the last one year.

“As such, any statement by any party that Azilah Hadri was brought outside of the Kajang Prison this year to meet a VVIP is completely untrue,” it added.

Yesterday, Shafee alleged that former police commando Azilah had been brought out from the Kajang Prison in February this year to meet a VVIP, supposedly to forge a conspiracy to link Najib with the Altantuya Shaariibuu murder.

He told the press that he believed there was a coordinated political assassination plot against Najib.

The prominent lawyer also claimed that several people, including agents of the Malaysian government, had also gone to Australia to meet Azilah ‘s former UTK colleague Sirul Azhar Umar who is currently under immigration detention, to persuade him to come up with a statement against Najib.

“I am aware that from February, Azilah has been visited and there is very reliable information, which I cannot confirm, that Azilah met a VVIP outside the prison in February,” Shafee told reporters yesterday.

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