R Radar: Real, Really?, Rubbish

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From Machupo Virus in Paracetamol to Plastic Rice, find out how snippets of news measure up to the R Radar.

Machupo Virus in Paracetamol – RUBBISH

An “urgent” message circulating via social media claims that a new “very white and shiny” type of paracetamol tablets labelled P/500 contains the dangerous Machupo virus. Fact-checking sites calls it “utter nonsense”.

Malaysia on US Travel Ban List – RUBBISH

A Malaysian online news website reported on January 31 that Malaysia had been added to Trump’s immigration ban list. Subsequent reports from other news sources that it was not true ended the short-lived joy on social media. The original false news has since been removed.

Salt and Saliva Breaking Car Window – REALLY?

Videos on YouTube demonstrating salt and saliva breaking car windows – no experiments yet by experts, who are almost sure it’s highly unlikely. Chances are something else was used to cause the breakage in the videos, but it was made to look like salt and saliva did the trick.

Plastic Rice – REALLY?

This rumour of plastic rice manufactured in China has been around since 2011. There has been no substantiated report of anyone passing off plastic rice as the real thing. Hence, it remains unproven.

Allaying fear amongst Malaysians, the Director-General of the Health Ministry has said that Padiberas Nasional Bhd (Bernas), which imports rice for the country, has verified that Malaysia does not import fake rice.