Rich Widow Claims Conned of RM7.9M in Winning Numbers Scam

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A woman has lodged a police report claiming that she has been cheated of RM7.9 million by a man in a numbers forecast scam.

  • Acquainted with conman through social media
  • Lured by bait of winning RM5.5m
  • Made 22 cash deposits
  • Lost inheritance from late millionaire husband, insurance payout
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The 49-year-old widow, who had inherited wealth from her late millionaire husband, made the report on Nov 3, Klang Selatan Police chief ACP Shamsul Amar Ramli said.

He said the woman said she realised that she had been conned after the man, whom she got acquainted with on social media, failed to give her the forecast numbers that he claimed would enable her to win RM5.5 million.

The woman followed the instructions of the man, who claimed to work for a numbers forecast company in Hong Kong, and deposited cash into bank accounts via 22 transactions between July and September this year, he said in a statement.

She made her first payment of RM102,300 and the man instructed her to make more payments into four bank accounts, saying they were for tax purposes, he added.

Then he suddenly stopped contacting her.

“The woman lodged the police report yesterday after realising that she had been cheated as she was not given any numbers for the so-called forecast game,” he said.

Shamsul Amar said the woman had inherited wealth from her millionaire husband who had run companies and was a shareholder in several companies.

She had also received an insurance payout following her husband’s death, he said.