RM7.9M Allegedly Missing After Police Raid

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A businessman claims that RM7.9 million went missing from the premises of his house in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur following a drug raid by the police.

According to a report in China Press yesterday, the 50-year-old businessman was in Jakarta en route to London on Sept 8 when a worker called to inform him of the raid, saying police not only removed cash and documents, but also the keys to his four luxury cars, and arrested his four workers.

The businessman cancelled his trip, flew home and lodged a police report on Sept 10.

He claimed in his report that the CCTV recording from his house showed that some unknown persons had removed several backpacks and suitcases from the house.

He said the same individuals also took his four workers away.

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He said the raiding team, which he believed was from the police, took RM3.9 million he kept in his master bedroom, RM2 million from his BMW car and RM2 million from a safe in the workers’ bedroom.

Also taken away from his house were the keys to his two Ferraris, a Bentley and a Ford; two cash counting machines; and business documents, the businessman, who was not identified in the report, said.

Police, who have launched an investigation following the businessman’s report, said the raid was related to drugs.

It is understood that they have recorded statements from members of the police team that carried out the operation. – The Sun