Senai Assemblywoman’s Question on Graft Claim Against Johor MB

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Ordered to leave sitting and referred to the Johor state assembly special committee.

Claimed that a website reported that MB received RM12 million from developers to change bumi lots to non-bumi.

Wants to seek an audience with Johor sultan to set up royal commission to probe allegation

Declined to reveal name of website that made the allegation

DAP Senai assemblywoman Wong Shu Qi referred to a report on a website about Mentri Besar Khaled Nordin receiving RM12 million, of which RM11.2 million was in cash, from developers to change bumiputera lots to non-bumiputera lots.

“Is this accusation true?” she said during her debate on the state’s 2018 budget at the Johor assembly sitting in Kota Iskandar today.

Khaled was not present at the legislative assembly sitting today.

She claimed that the allegations against Khaled had surfaced in March and were based on a statement from an eyewitness in a Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigation.

“This eyewitness is the middleman in all the transactions and I was informed about the statement after documents were posted on a website,” Wong said.

The alleged scandal involved the former Johor exco for housing and local government Abd Latif and property consultant Amir Shariffuddin Abdul Raub, who were charged with corruption involving bribes worth more than RM30.3 million between 2013 and last year.

In April, Abd Latif and Amir were charged with 33 counts of graft under the MACC Act. Both claimed trial to all charges.

Abd Latin subsequently resigned from his post.

Wong said the alleged corruption had come at great cost to the state.

“From this discovery, we have found that the money paid to the menteri besar, the exco and the middleman, is almost the same as the amount paid by the developer to the Johor State Housing Fund, which is RM40 million.

“In other words, this fund has lost out because of the misappropriation of funds,” she said.

Many Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblymen were irked, asking Wong to retract her allegations.However, her party colleagues told deputy state speaker Datuk Baderi Dasuki that Wong has the right to ask such questions.Baderi responded that the case was still in court and whatever discussion inside the state assembly would be contempt of court.He asked Wong to retract the allegations but she refused to do so, prompting calls from BN reps that she be referred to the assembly’s Rights and Privileges Committee.

“I would like to merafak sembah (seek an audience) with His Majesty the Sultan of Johor to set up a royal commission to investigate the matter following the revelations that will clear His Majesty’s government if it is not involved,” Wong said.


Wong refused to withdraw her remarks when Deputy Speaker Baderi Dasuki ordered her to do so, prompting Barisan Nasional reps to demand that she be referred to the assembly’s Rights and Privileges Committee.

When the house resumed its sitting at 2.30pm, Wong was ordered to leave the assembly.

At a press conference later, Wong said she would not retract her allegations and stand by them. She also declined to reveal the name of the website she mentioned.