Shut Your Bloody Mouth, IGP Tells Public

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IGP loses his cool when pressed by reporters about the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh and blames intense publicity for hampering investigations.

  • IGP claims publicity about case puts victim in danger
  • No leads, investigation at stalemate
  • Speculations of abduction work of “trained” group who misconstrued Koh’s social initiatives

IGP loses his cool when pressed by reporters about the abduction of Pastor Raymond Koh and blames intense publicity for hampering investigations.

Bernama quoted Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar as saying, “To the media, individuals and NGOs who want to get involved in kidnap cases, shut your bloody mouth; you are putting the victim in a high degree of danger.”

He said the police had no leads to the case, and the investigation is at a stalemate.

The sole suspect arrested, 31-year-old Lam Chang Nam, was found to be not linked to the abduction. He had contacted the Koh family and asked for RM30,000 to secure the pastor’s release. Lam was charged with blackmail on Mar 15.

Several thousand Malaysians worried about the disappearance of Koh have signed a petition asking the US to intervene in the investigation of the case. The petition needs 100,000 signatures before it can receive an official update from the White House.

The petition reads: Since his abduction, the Malaysian authorities have been very slow to respond to his family’s requests for a speedy and forthright investigation. Moreover, they have not voiced any support for the Christian community in Malaysia or pledged to make sure such attacks stop. At this junction, many of the religious freedoms that Christians have enjoyed in Malaysia and its multi-cultural atmosphere could come under increasing attack.”

A rumour has been circulating on WhatsApp that Koh is already dead and his body has been found, but the police and Koh’s family lawyer said this has not been proven.

Speculations are also rife that the abduction was the work of “trained” personnel after footage from CCTV cameras installed at homes along the road where the kidnapping took place surfaced. The footage showed more than a dozen masked men and several vehicles were involved in the well-synchronised “mission” which was executed in 42 seconds.

Koh has been involved in social work, which had courted controversy in the past.

In 2011, he organised a multi-racial fund-raising gathering at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church, which led to accusations by the Selangor Islamic Religious Department (Jais) that he was proselytising Muslims.

Koh had also received threats, including a bullet that was sent to his home. He is said to have no known enemies except for those who oppose his work, which includes a community centre he had set up. The centre gives free tuition to the underprivileged and organises sporting events for young children of all races. According to Koh’s son, Jonathan, although the centre was in a predominantly Muslim area, none in the neighbourhood had opposed to it.

According to a report by The Sun Daily, Jonathan said his father “sticks to just one thing”.

“He is very passionate about God, the church, charity and helping the poor and marginalised.”

The buzz on social media is Koh’s abduction was carried out by irked individuals or an extremist group who misconstrued his social initiatives.

IGP Khalid had previously denied suggestions that the police’s special squad was involved in Koh’s abduction.

Candlelight vigils with prayers for the pastor’s safety have been held since the abduction on Feb 13. Koh’s family has offered an RM100,000 reward for any information on the abduction.

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