Tell the Truth and Shame the Devil

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Call them fake news, hoaxes, myths, urban legends, propaganda or what you fancy, they’re just lies.

  • Debunk lies, uncovering truths
  • Inspiring stories, good reads
  • The True Net: independent, non-partisan, self-funded

Deception is as old as mankind; remember the slithery Father of Lies deceived Eve into eating the forbidden fruit. We all know the facts: how 2016 was the year of fake news, how a lot of people depend on social media for their news, how they don’t fact-check and just pass it on.

Well, we’re done being had and not sure of what to believe anymore. That’s why The True Net, where we will research information on the Net to debunk¬†lies and tell the truth. Because we are not corporate- or elite-controlled but are independent, non-partisan and self-funded, we will share with our honest analysis of heart-based news¬†without fear or favour.

Bad news sells better than good news, but we’re also tired of seeing only politicians pushing personal power agendas, corruption, social injustices, unrests, economic doom and gloom, and generally negative news hogging the headlines. For real, life is more than that. There’s a lot of good news out there – inspiring stories of humanity, positive perceptions, meaningful experiences, useful knowledge and engaging theories – but they are buried under the proliferation of bad news.

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Alan Horvath covers current events, specifically concerning Israel, telling it as it is.
Alan Real News

So, the purpose of The True Net is twofold: true news and good news.

We pledge to stay true to our core beliefs and values – fighting falsehood with the truth, overcoming fear with boldness, dousing hate with love, and simplistic as it may sound, battling evil with good!

Humans, and not automated tools, will be doing the research for our content, so we are not infallible, but we will do our utmost to be accurate. We are not in the race for breaking news, as research takes time and we have a skeleton crew of helpers, so what’s more important to us is the quality of content than the speed of delivery.

You can no longer be indifferent to all that is wrong with the world today – which is a whole lot – as it impacts your life, often in ways that you may be unaware of. You may be shaken by some of the revelations, as manipulation and deception have taken deep root in the world today. You may be sceptical. We don’t expect you to agree with us. We hope you will think critically and go find out more – you owe yourself that much.

If you like what we’re doing and want to make a difference in shaping lives, do like and share our content, follow us on social media, and fund us (no amount is too small). Any support is very much appreciated.

Do check in for your daily fix of true news and good reads!