Tian Chua Not Plotting Batu By-Election

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He says there is no truth to talk that Pakatan Harapan-endorsed Batu independent candidate P Prabakaran will be asked to step down if he wins.

The first time the youngest candidate and oldest candidate of GE14 stood on the same stage together

Young Praba’s biggest event, gracing the stage with Pakatan’s biggest icons

Batu incumbent Tian Chua, who was disqualified from contesting the May 9 election, has denied a message circulating on WhatsApp that independent candidate P Prabakaran will be asked to step down if he wins to make way for a by-election.

“No such thing. What I said was I will continue with my election petition and file an appeal in the Court of Appeal to question my disqualification,” he told FMT.

When asked if he would lodge a police report over the rumour, Chua said he was not going to waste time over the allegation.

Meanwhile, Prabakaran’s adviser, M Parameswaran, also dismissed the claim made in the WhatsApp message and said they might take legal action.

Yesterday, Prabakaran shared the stage with Pakatan chairman Tun Dr Mahathir at a mega-ceramah in Taman Keramat.

The young candidate and his new mentor arrived at a ceramah halfway through Mahathir’s speech after campaigning in Sentul.

The former premier stopped his speech to welcome Prabakaran as Chua led him on stage.

“This is our new young candidate,” Mahathir introduced Prabakaran to the 5,000-strong crowd.

Mahathir, 93, then held up Prabakaran’s hand in the air as the 22-year-old law student smiled jubilantly.

This is the first time the youngest candidate and oldest candidate of the 14th General Election stood on the same stage together.

Prabakaran seemed starstruck by the sight of Mahathir and other Pakatan big names sitting at the back of the stage, including Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Datuk Seri Mohamed Azmin Ali, Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahahtir and Mohamad Sabu.

He looked in awe at the crowd as they applauded and cheered.

He then proceeded to pull out his handphone and take a selfie with Mahathir while the crowd looked on in amusement.

After the selfie, Prabakaran triumphantly pumped his fists in the air as Mahathir told the crowd to vote for the party’s latest addition.

“He is younger than me but already has a beard. I am still waiting for my beard to grow,” Mahathir teased Prabakaran.

“We welcome our independent friend, but he is not so independent anymore as he is now with Pakatan,” Mahahtir added.

Prabakaran and Chua then sat with the top leadership at the back of the stage, while Mahathir continued with his speech.

Neither Chua nor Prabakaran addressed the crowd as Mahathir was scheduled to be the last speaker of the night.

Prabakaran has been joining Tian Chua on the campaign trail and speaking at ceramah together ever since Pakatan endorsed him for the Batu parliamentary seat under the PKR ticket.

Tian Chua/Facebook

Last night was his biggest event yet and his first time gracing the stage with the coalition’s biggest icons.

Also at the event were former ministers Tun Daim Zainuddin and Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, as well as national laureate Datuk Seri A Samad Said.