Tok Batin Tells Court He Saw Pahang MB Hand over RM17,500

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Pahang MB Wan Rosdy and Cameron Highlands MP Sivarraajh embroiled in vote-buying case.

A 50-year-old tok batin (Orang Asli village headman) from Kampung Labu today told the Election Court in Kuala Lumpur that he saw Pahang Menteri Besar Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail give RM17,500 for the BN election machinery for it to be distributed to the tok batin from six villages.


The tok batin were then to distribute the money to the Orang Asli in their respective villages.

Yahya a/l Pengsan, the tok batin of Kampung Labu said he and the tok batin of Kampung Bukit Long, Kampung Tigol, Kampung Tidol, Kampung Saweh and Kampung Cherong had been invited to a room in Pos Sindrot, Cameron Highlands on May 6, three days before the general election.

“There, the two BN candidates Wan Rosdy (for the Jelai state seat) and C Sivarraajh (for the Cameron Highlands parliament seat ) were present.

“There I saw Wan Rosdy give the RM17,500 for the BN machinery and the money was then to be given to the six tok batin including myself,” he said.

After a short discussion the following day, Yahya said he received RM1,600 to be distributed to his villagers with each receiving RM33.

The witness said, including him and his wife, there were 48 Orang Asli in Kampung Labu who were voters and they each received RM33 after casting their vote on May 9.

He added there were an estimated 1,200 voters in Pos Sindrot. – Malaysiakini

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