Union Slams News Report for Giving Civil Service Clerks a Bad Name

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The Amalgamated Union of Employees in Government Clerical and Allied Services (AUEGCAS) today slammed a news portal for misidentifying a civil servant as a clerk in its report on a recent corruption case.

AUEGCAS secretary-general Amir Hamzah Yakat Ali said that the person accused of corruption in the online report by Kosmo! does not do a clerical job.

“The report referred to the individual as Gred 19 and a clerk. By right, it should be Gred KP19, which refers to an enforcement officer, and not a clerk.

“The clerical job comes under Gred N19, which refers to an administration officer or Gred W19 for finance officer. The report only stated Gred 19 and referred to the individual as a clerk in the report.

Farhan Najib

“This is not accurate. As a result, clerks have been heavily criticised by the public on social media. We are very upset and disappointed with the report,” he told a press conference at the AUEGCAS office in Ipoh.

Amir said there are more than 200,000 clerks in the civil service and the union has 5,000 members comprising civil servants under Gred 19, 22, 26 and 28.

“The person who was accused of corruption in the news report does not fall under our scheme.

“We demand the news report to be corrected and an apology issued for the errors that have tarnished the image of clerks in the civil service nationwide,” he added.

On November 21, Kosmo! reported that a Gred 19 Immigration officer was found to be in possession of four luxury cars, including a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth around RM6 million.

The report said the revelation had come from an unnamed source following the arrest of 28 Immigration officers and personnel in Johor and Selangor by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) last Tuesday.

It also alleged that the 31-year-old Immigration “clerk”, who earns less than RM4,000 a month, paid for the luxury vehicles with funds received from illegal activities. – MMO