Unique Design of “Tilting” Tower Caused Panic

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A viralled WhatsApp message suggesting that a tower under construction in the heart of Kuala Lumpur is sloping and about to collapse caused panic yesterday.

The tower was called a “disaster waiting to happen” in the WhatsApp message, which included a photo of the building.


Many city folk, especially those living or working in the city’s golden triangle district, were prepared for the worst.

The residential tower along Jalan Conlay gives the impression that it is “tilted” due to its unique design and not that the building is about to collapse.

Joanne Kua, chief executive officer of KSK Group, the developer of the project, said the structure of the residential tower has a unique curve feature that made the building appeared “tilted” from different angles.

“Depending on the angle, the tower’s unique design will make the building appears as if it is tilted.

“We, as the developer, have put strong foundation in its construction to ensure its safety,” she said.

A spokesman from MCC Overseas Sdn Bhd, the contractor appointed by KSK Land, also assured the public that there is nothing to worry about.

“(Construction is not complete). That is why it looks like it’s going to collapse. The design is actually…for one of the towers to be…a bit curvy. Once the whole work is complete, you’d be able to see the actual intended design of the building,” she said.

RSP Architects KL – led by Principal Hud Bakar – is behind the unique design of the development.