Usno Baru’s RM870K ‘Deposit Money’ Allegedly Does Not Exist

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Man claims cash never given to him, denies running away with money and has lodged his own report.

  • Apparently, members heard about the deposit fund but no one actually saw the money
  • Yet it was said some candidates had borrowed money from loan sharks, sold off their cars and lands to contest

The RM870,000 ‘deposit money’ that allegedly went missing on Nomination Day, leaving 84 potential candidates from the Usno Baru party stranded and unable to contest in GE14 apparently did not exist.

Sabah Police Commissioner Datuk Ramli Din said initial investigations revealed the candidates were promised the money merely in principle by a member of the party.

“The members had only heard about the deposit fund, but never actually saw the real thing.

Malai Rosmah Tuah

Nobody saw or received the money. The suspect who was said to be involved has also come forward to lodge a police report to deny that he had received the money because there was no payment made,” he told a media conference at Kepayan Police Headquarters, Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

Ramli said some of the party members alleged to have passed the deposit money to a person in charge, but these claims were still being investigated.

He said the police had received eight reports pertaining to the case, including from individuals who claimed they could not become candidates following the ‘missing money’.

He also said statements from 10 witnesses, including the suspect aged 38, had been recorded and police would be calling more people for the same purpose.

Usno Baru supreme council member John Kisil, 62, earlier said the party president had handed the deposit money last Friday morning (April 27) to a member who was supposed to give the money to its candidates.

This person, however, did not turn up, leaving all members who were supposed to contest 60 state and 26 parliament seats (including Labuan) not being able to submit nomination papers.

Only two Usno Baru candidates managed to come up with their own deposits. They are contesting in Merotai and Balung.

On Monday, seven Usno members held a press conference calling for the party leadership to take responsibility for the missing deposit money.

At a press conference, Usno Tenom division chief Norlia Yuntong had said some of the aspiring candidates had borrowed money from loan sharks, sold off their cars and lands to contest in GE14.

The case is being investigated for breach of trust under the Penal Code.

The original Usno (United Sabah National Organisation) was founded by Tun Mustapha Harun, the third chief minister of Sabah.

The party came to power in 1967 and ruled Sabah until 1976 when it was defeated by Berjaya in the state elections.

It was deregistered by the Registrar of Societies in 1996.

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