Who Is the ‘Tan Sri’ Owner of the Condo Unit Where Luxury Goods Were Seized?

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Chances are he is Desmond Lim, a close associate of Najib and among Malaysia’s 50 richest people.

Jaws dropped throughout the nation when the police revealed the staggering haul from three units at the plush Pavilion Residence last night.

Five police trucks were required to transport the bags of cash and jewellery as well as hundreds of designer handbags.

At a press conference later, federal commercial crimes director Amar Singh Ishar Singh revealed that one of the units is owned by a ‘Tan Sri’ but declined to reveal the name.

Photographs of the boxes also raised eyebrows due to two honorific titles on the labels. There were those which read ‘Datin Cindy’ and also ‘Puan Sri Cindy’.

It is, however, unclear if the two referred to the same person.

The Pavilion Residence is owned by Desmond Lim, who has the honorific ‘Tan Sri’ title. He is known as a close associate of former premier Najib Abdul Razak. His wife is Puan Sri Cindy Tan.

Luqman Hakim Zubir

According to Forbes magazine, Lim is among Malaysia’s 50 richest people, who started out developing houses, condominiums and office towers with property company Khuan Choo Group in the 80s.

Previously, police claimed that Najib’s relatives were staying in the condominium units.

Luqman Hakim Zubir

The police search followed a report lodged by Bersatu Youth claiming that a van belonging to the Prime Minister’s Department had transported designer handbags to the condominium.

Meanwhile, Lim’s name also surfaced in the Bandar Malaysia deal.

It was reported in 2015 that he together with a Qatari state-backed consortium and IWH CREC Sdn Bhd were the two front-runners for the Bandar Malaysia deal.

Last year, it was reported that Dalian Wanda Group of China is bidding for the Bandar Malaysia project together with Malton Bhd, headed by Lim.

Lim is also executive chairperson Malton Bhd and WCT Holdings Bhd.

Malaysiakini contacted Malton Bhd’s office to get Lim’s comments and is awaiting a response from his personal assistant. – Malaysiakini

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