Zahid slams ‘fake’ posts about his neck injury

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Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi has hit out at those slandering him with pictures taken earlier this year, by linking it to a neck injury which led to his corruption trial being postponed.

Zahid said it was clear that these “irresponsible” individuals were out to smear his image.

Zahid was referring to pictures of him handling aid packages for flood victims in Pahang. He said the pictures were taken in January this year. “Yet some are linking it to the treatment I received overseas last month. The propaganda they are pushing is that despite being treated only last month, I am able to carry heavy loads in aid of flood victims last week.”


He said this in response to a Facebook post, purportedly by Pejuang Labu, which said that Zahid would claim to suffer from neck pain when his trial was brought up yet would have no problem when it came to showing that he was helping flood victims.

Zahid said it was time to put a stop to such dirty politicking. “In times when the people are in need of help, politics should be set aside,” he said.

On Sept 1, Zahid’s corruption trial involving the foreign visa system had to be called off after he was on sick leave due to neck pain.

He had sought treatment in Germany for back and neck pain.

Zahid is facing 33 charges of receiving bribes over a contract for a one-stop visa centre in China, and supply of visa system paraphernalia.

On Dec 23, Zahid’s corruption trial at the High Court was adjourned until February after the court heard that the former deputy prime minister was unwell. – FMT