Anita Sarawak breaks silence on ‘disappearance’ of almost 12 years

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Iconic singer and actress Anita Sarawak has reemerged to put an end to rumours and speculations over her ‘disappearance’ since 2011.


The singer, famous for hits such as Seksis and Asmara, contacted lyricist and former entertainment journalist Roslen Fadzil and cleared up rumours about her and husband, Mahathir Abdullah.

Roslen said that she denied rumours of her being sick and insisted she is not divorced from her husband.

“Our conversation was short and I also didn’t ask too many questions because I wanted to respect Anita’s privacy.

“What I can tell you is that the story that people say about Anita like she’s sick, dead and divorced is not true.

“When she called me, she was together with her husband,” he said, adding that Anita was sad when she heard the rumours of her being dead.

Roslen has said that although they were out of contact for a long time, his conversation with the 70-year-old singer was still the same as they used to be.

His chance to speak with Anita happened earlier this month.

“Anita’s voice still sounds the same as it did before. She is as cheerful as I knew her to be back then.

“Anita no longer sings these days and has become a full-time housewife. She spends a lot of time with her preferred activities such as gardening at home”.

Roslen said he was unsure where the couple lives currently as they like to travel.

Anita and her husband travelled to the United States back in 2011 and it is said they have migrated.

They have been living in Las Vegas for the past 12 years and have remained undetected by the media since. – MMO