Changing Costumes in a Jiffy!

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Malaysian magicians break their own record in making 25 changes of costumes in 60 seconds.

Married couple Avery Chin and Sylvia Lim are likely to have broken their record for the most costume changes in a minute during a performance at the Penang Street Food Festival on Saturday night

In 60 seconds, the act saw Lim changing 25 costumes in a screen used by Chin much to the amazement of the huge crowd which heartily cheered and applauded at the end of the lightning performance.

Chin said their latest attempt was one costume more than their last performance in Tokyo on Aug 27 which earned them a record in the Guinness World Records.

“We have a good chance to break our own record. We followed all the requirements, rules and regulations set by Guinness.

“There is the potential to break our previous record set in Japan, we hope we can do so with this,” Chin said after the performance, adding an application has been made and a decision is expected soon.

The couple revealed that they were nervous prior to their performance and that it was their best performance so far after performing such costume sleight of hand for 10 years.

They have performed throughout the world, including in the USA, China, Hong Kong, Japan and on luxury cruise ships.