Little Bundle of Canine Joy Wins the Internet’s Heart

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An overly excited Jack Russell terrier’s hilarious performance at Dog Show wins everyone’s hearts.

  • Olly’s hilarious performance at Crufts Dog Show
  • Had a lot of fun tripping, falling and forgetting the course’s route!
  • Cheered by adoring crowd

We say what matters in a competition is not winning but doing your best and having fun. That was what one overly excited Jack Russell terrier did at the recent Crufts Dog Show in the UK, and in the process, he won everyone’s hearts.

The Crufts Dog Show is an international event for canines that features various competitions such as dog agility where dogs are required to run through an obstacle course in the fastest time. Owners train their pets for months to get their furry friends to clear the obstacles the right way in the fastest timing possible.

The highlights of hilarious Olly’s performance included tripping, falling, and forgetting the course’s route! But so delightful was the little bundle of canine joy that he exited to the cheers of the adoring crowd.