New HK Heartthrob – Non-Chinese ‘Hero’ Policeman

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Ifzal Zaffar has become an overnight hero and online celebrity after talking a suicidal man out of killing himself.

  • Officer of Pakistani descent speaks fluent Cantonese
  • Fans brand him Hong Kong’s most handsome policeman
  • Goes by the Chinese name of Yip-shing

In another video uploaded on March 19, Ifzal revealed more about his background, including how he grew up studying in a local school and learning Cantonese from young. He also spoke about his participation in a community initiative that helped non-Chinese improve their Chinese, which eventually led him to join the Hong Kong Police. Watch the video of Ifzal speaking about all these in impeccable Cantonese as well as fluent Urdu, and his encouragement to those learning Chinese.