Brigitte Lin Divorces Billionaire Hubby, Gets RM1B Alimony

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Rumours are rife that former Taiwanese film goddess Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia’s marriage to billionaire Michael Ying, 58, has ended after 24 years.


Major Chinese dailies reported that an A-list actress uncovered this at a private function. She claimed that Lin, 63, received about HK$2 billion (RM1.06 billion) in alimony after the divorce.

According to Taiwan’s Mirror Media, the decision to separate was allegedly due to Ying’s philandering ways.

It also reported that Lin felt it was the right time as their daughters, aged 22and 16, were grown up.

Previous reports about the marriage being on the rocks surfaced in 2016. Lin denied these.

However, the rumours gained traction this time around because the information was from a well-connected source with high social standing.

In April, Lin was spotted by paparazzi going on a movie date with a Caucasian man after she received the Golden Mul­berry Lifetime Achievement Award at the Far East Film Festival in Italy. – The Star