DNA Test Can Confirm Baby’s Dad, Rihana’s Friend Tells Sultan

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A close friend of Rihana Oksana Gorbatenko, the Russian beauty who married Sultan Muhammad V last year, has dismissed a claim that the Kelantan ruler is not the biological father of her baby.

Liliya Nastaeva described the claim by the sultan’s lawyer Koh Tien Hua as “nonsense”, and said it had angered Oksana’s family and friends.

“We are very sorry that his royal though former, highness chose such a talkative and unprofessional lawyer,” Nastaeva told Britain’s Daily Mail.

“All people close to Oksana – her parents, friends, family – are waiting for a public apology from him,” she said, adding that the sultan should do a DNA test to remove his suspicions.

“Oksana, for her part, is ready for this – I can tell you as I am her closest friend.”


Nastaeva said she was convinced the sultan is the baby’s father due to their resemblance but said Oksana has not revealed her baby’s face to the public.


“If Oksana had ever shown the face of a child, no one would have any doubts, because father and son share one face,” she told the paper.

Sultan Muhammad V gave up the post of Agong early this year, not long after reports of his marriage to Oksana.

His lawyer Koh, who is based in Singapore, recently confirmed that the couple had divorced after the sultan opted for “triple talaq”, which renders a divorce irrevocable under Muslim marriage laws.

Oksana has denied they had divorced, while the Kelantan palace has never confirmed the authenticity of a copy of the divorce certificate which circulated on social media.

The palace however recently issued a statement seen as a response to Oksana’s Instagram post calling her baby “Tengku Mahkota Kelantan” or crown prince.

“Only official announcements from the Kelantan palace can be accepted as accurate information for the public and media practitioners,” the palace had said.

Meanwhile, Daily Mail quoted Oksana’s lawyer Evgeny Tarlo, who questioned if the Singapore lawyer had been appointed by the former Agong.

He said Koh’s claims on Oksana’s marriage were “lies” and “vulgar stupidity”.

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“I do not know who Mr Koh Tien Hua is, and by what right is he commenting on the personal life of Oksana Voevodina,” he said.


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