Ex-Wife of Kelantan Sultan Posts Picture of Baby, Claims He’s Their Son

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Rihana Oksana Gorbatenko, the ex-wife of Kelantan ruler Sultan Muhammad V, posted a picture of a boy she claims is their son on social media, in the midst of the dispute of the child’s paternity.

The former Russian model uploaded the picture of the infant on her Instagram account.

“Hello, my name is Ismail Leon. I’m 5 months old and my mum loves me very much,” the caption read.


It has since garnered over 83,700 likes, with many of her followers commenting that her son “looks like his father”.

Last month, Oksana filed a paternity petition in Russia, naming the sultan as defendant, after demanding some RM123,000 in monthly allowance and properties in Moscow and London worth RM47 million.

east2west news via MailOnline

This was after a lawyer for the sultan, whom she married last year, dismissed her claim that he was the father of her child.

It was also reported that if the sultan refuses to attend a hearing or do a DNA test, the court could accept Oksana’s paternity claim in default.

Oksana has insisted that Leon is from their marriage.

“Here is my prince,” says Oksana, 27, proudly showing off her boy to the world for the first time.

“He looks every bit like his father, and he has this Asian-looking face,” she adds in an exclusive interview with MailOnline.

Oksana claims the baby was conceived on the couple’s honeymoon in Australia after their wedding in June 2018.

east2west news via MailOnline

Holding the baby on her knee, she says: “I want to introduce you (to) Ismail Leon, he’s a very nice and cute child, he’s same clever as his mother.

east2west news via MailOnline

“He’s same handsome as his father. And he’s very talkative and I love him very, very much.”

She uses the interview to accuse the Sultan of disappearing – but reveals there is a secret reason for their breakup.

‘There was a reason for this, but I am not ready to speak about it yet,’ she said. “He disappeared for me and for my son, he really disappeared.”

According to MailOnline, palace sources in Kelantan have portrayed Oksana as a gold digger over her alleged settlement demands.

Allegedly, the Sultan asked his aides: “Who does she think I am…Bill Gates?”

Meanwhile, the Sultan’s lawyer in Singapore, Koh Tien Hua, claimed she “left of her own accord to return to Russia”, contradicting her account that the ex-monarch had walked out on her.

The lawyer said that the Sultan was ready to settle “a significant and generous sum of money” with Oksana if she agreed to protect his “privacy”.

The amount was not specified but was said to include her medical fees during her pregnancy and living expenses.

However, it is alleged Oksana “declined to accept the proposal”.

east2west news via MailOnline

Claims in Russian newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda that he did not “give her a dime” towards the costs of the child were false, and “arrangements were made” to pay her $20,000 (£16,360), the lawyer said.

“In addition, Ms Oksana was gifted a Porsche Cayenne and jewellery including a Jacob Arabo ring and items by… Cartier,” he claimed.

This particular model of Porsche costs up to £117,500 in Russia and the ring has been valued at £203,000.

Oksana has said she was forced to sell the ring for three times less than its value to cover her medical costs in Switzerland.