He vs She

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Guys don’t get it and gals don’t understand. We’re talking the two genders. YouTube sensation nigahiga¬†has nailed it, spot on!

Relationships often aren’t easy but the truth is we tend to make them more complicated. The beauty in heterosexual relationships lies in the gender unique to each half of a couple. That’s the spice of life, you know like salt and pepper.

And if we keep it at the forefront of our minds that there are two different emotional, mental and behavioural make-up in the relationship rather than just seeing the obvious only – the biological and physical differences – we would stop comparing our other half with us and expect our partner to feel and behave like us.

We don’t compare an apple with an orange, not only because they don’t look the same but they don’t taste the same either. The same applies to a heterosexual relationship.

There’s nothing to lose in accepting and respecting our other half for the individual he or she is. It’s actually the sane thing to do! And much to gain, like creating an environment conducive for a closer and stronger relationship.