Troubled Teen and Troubling Parenting

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Jackie Chan’s illegitimate daughter Etta Ng had police arrest her own mother – again!

  • Financial issues between Jackie Chan and mother of his illegitimate daughter
  • Ex-lovers express regret over affair
  • Etta regards Jackie as “stranger”
  • Teenager reveals mother has drinking problemElaine’s parenting questioned with photo of her sharing a cigarette with Etta
The Straits Times

International superstar Jackie Chan is no stranger to extramarital scandals and among the most infamous was the affair he had with ex-Miss Asia 1990 Elaine Ng Yi Lei in the late 1990s. The relationship resulted in the birth of Etta Ng Chok Lam in 1999.

In the early years after the affair ended, Elaine said she had no regrets over the past incident although she wouldn’t want her daughter to follow in her footsteps. The former beauty queen also said she has taught her daughter to be content with what she has and to stop comparing herself with others.

The sudden revelations after a decade were made to the media in 2010 when the mother and daughter made their magazine cover debut. To quell rumours that she was out to fish for more child support from Jackie, Elaine said she previously had offers for her and Etta to appear in advertisements for large sums of money but she had declined because she wanted her daughter to have a normal childhood and not lose her innocence.

Reportedly, the Hong Kong actor was giving the mother and daughter more than HKD300,000 monthly, as well as HKD3.3 million when they moved to Shanghai in 2001. But in 2014, Elaine denied she had received any alimony from Jackie and said she did not wish to be associated with him in any way anymore.

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Elaine and Etta moved back to Hong Kong in 2011, much to the ire of Jackie and his wife Joan Lin Feng-jiao, a retired award-winning Taiwanese actress. Elaine returned to the entertainment industry by hosting a talk show. At that time, she revealed that her daughter had never expressed the need to meet her famous father. And up to then, Jackie had never acknowledged Etta as his daughter. In fact, initially, he had stated that Etta was not his child but Elaine had demanded a DNA test. Disappointed by Jackie’s reaction, she had made the decision to raise Etta on her own.

In recent years, Elaine has expressed regret over the affair with Jackie, saying: “It’s wrong to get involved in some else’s marriage.”

Similarly, Jackie has expressed his regret. During the launching of his autobiography ‘Jackie Chan: Never Grow Up, Only Grow Older‘ two years ago, he talked briefly about his love child for the very first time. He acknowledged that Etta had been hurt and he felt sorry for her being a victim. When asked if he would continue to disregard the girl as his daughter, he said that there were things better left unsaid and that he was leaving everything to time and nature to take their courses.

Etta spoke about Jackie for the first time in an interview with a magazine in 2015. Recalling her childhood days, she said she was sad when seeing her schoolmates being picked up by their fathers after school. But she said she was not angry with Jackie and did not want to meet him as she was already used to a life without a father.

Etta regards Jackie as a “stranger”.

“He is not my dad. I have no feelings for him. He is my biological father but he is not in my life,” she said. “He never existed in my life. I will never regard him as a father. I would not say that he is my dad. I would say, ‘Oh, Jackie Chan, an actor’.”

She added that she was glad that her mother had showered her with a lot of love.

Previously, Jackie had said he would leave his entire fortune, an estimated USD350 million, to charity and his wife, and nothing to his children. His bequeath to his wife was because she stood by him after his affair with Elaine. As for his son, Jaycee Chan, Jackie wanted him to learn how to make a living for himself – just as he had done in his own life.

However, Jackie made a new will in 2015 after Jaycee’s release from prison on drug charges, leaving his fortune to his son. Apparently, Jackie was ashamed that his continued absence from his son’s life had driven him to rebellion and he had reached out to Jaycee when he was in jail, with father and son developing a better understanding of each other.

According to media reports in 2014, Elaine felt pained whenever she thought of how strict she was bringing up Etta. She claimed that she and her daughter have a very close relationship.

But several months later, Elaine was arrested for suspected child abuse! Etta had confided to school officials that her mother had hit her during disputes and that Elaine had a drinking problem. The teenager said she decided to call the police to prevent her mum from going downhill. According to an Apple Daily report, she said she told the police: “I need to get help for mum because I can’t help her.”

Etta revealed that her mother not only smokes a lot but drinks two bottles of alcohol nightly. She also said Elaine would make herself vomit in order to imbibe more and would cry when drunk. Etta believed that if her mum received help, she could begin her life anew and that she had considered for a long time before making the painful decision to involve the police. She added that being beaten by her mother was all right as it gave her a reason to get police intervention.

The girl also spoke about her loneliness, saying that for a time she had only a pet cat to confide in at home. She said she pretended to be happy at home as she did not want to trouble her mother.

After her mother was arrested, Etta sent her a letter of apology.

In an interview with i-Cable TV, Elaine admitted to drinking wine as an insomnia aid.

On her daughter, Elaine said, “She’s worried about my health and the work pressure I face and wanted to get help for me. She knows I love her.”

She denied that she had hit Etta. “That so-called assault,” she said, as she lightly hit the interviewer’s arm, “How hard is that?”

The Straits Times

It was reported that Etta had been sent to a hospital but no visible injuries had been found on her.

Elaine also denied that there was mental abuse or that she did drugs.

She admitted being stunned when Etta’s teacher told her that the girl had suicidal thoughts.

A month after the arrest, the mother and daughter had a disagreement about beer and homework. The girl had talked about buying beer and when her mother told her she could have one or two sips only, the teen retorted that her friends were drinking beer. Elaine said: “I wasn’t happy and told her off.”

As Etta had not gone to school for a month, her mother had admonished her to do her homework.

Elaine also had an argument with school authorities who sided with Etta when the teen refused to go home after she had gone back to school. Apparently, arrangements had been made for Etta to stay elsewhere – reportedly, at her grandmother’s – while Elaine worked on her drinking problem.

Barely a year later, in February 2016, Etta posted a photo on her social media of her mother sharing a cigarette with her. She wrote in her post: “My mother is a wonderful influence.”


The post sent shockwaves as the minimum legal smoking age in Hong Kong is 18 years old. It was unclear whether the incident was merely a joke but the photo still raised many questions on Elaine’s parenting style.

March 24 saw yet another bombshell development of the Elaine-Etta saga where the mother was detained by the police after her daughter accused her of criminal intimidation – again!

Elaine told the media that Etta called the police last Friday after she questioned her daughter about her friends. She said she found it odd that the teenager would lock the door of her room whenever she brought home a female friend, who is in her 20s.

Etta, who did not explain herself, called the police instead.

However, Elaine seems to have moved on from the latest incident.

“It’s a small matter,” she said to reporters who approached her in her apartment block’s parking lot.