Kids Hold Back Their Career, a Third of Malaysian Mums Say

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You don’t hear of men being held back at work because of their children, but the same doesn’t hold true for a third of Malaysian women.

  • Held back at work due to decision to have children
  • Discrimination – women overlooked for advancement
  • “Talked down” to by bosses/managers
  • Called names like “bossy”
  • Good news is flexibility exists


Close to one-third of Malaysian women said that choosing to have children have affected their career goals and opportunities, based on a study by recruitment firm Three in 10 women surveyed said they have been held back at work due to their decision to have children.

The study also revealed that seven in 10 Malaysian women face some form of workplace discrimination – the top complaint being overlooked for promotions and advancement due to their gender.

Meanwhile, 29% of the women surveyed felt that their bosses or managers “talked down” to them, while 24% were questioned about their desire to start a family even during the interview process.

Two out of 10 said they were not given certain responsibilities due to family commitments, while 11% admitted they have been called names in the workplace – such as “bossy” just for being assertive.

Of the women polled, 41% said that amongst their biggest challenges in the office is “how they are perceived” by colleagues and clients.

That being said, the survey showed that flexibility exists – 54% are allowed flexible working hours, while over a third (34%) have the option to work from home. said the survey covered 700 respondents across the country and was conducted in celebration of the upcoming Mother’s Day on May 14.