A Heli Ride Home This Raya

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Rich Malays are chartering private helicopters to fly home at RM17,000 per trip.

So, who says the Chinese are rich and the Malays are not?

This is truly a misconception and the truth is, there are numerous very wealthy Malays in our country.

It is no secret that during the Barisan Nasional regime, Umno enriched many of their cronies and they remain filthy rich till today.

The only problem here is that the wealth went only to a selected group and the divide between the rich and hardcore poor is enormous.

Another segment which is still suffering is the middle-income group, made up of mainly wage earners.

But to say that only the Chinese are wealthy and the Malays are not is nonsense.

A fine example of this can be seen now during the Hari Raya balik kampung rush.

A private helicopter charter company revealed that it already has more than 10 bookings from those who want to avoid the jams and fly home this Raya.

A one-way journey from Kuala Lumpur to Kelantan is RM30,000!

The company has prepared a total 20 helicopters to cope with the Raya demand and the cheapest trip is RM17,000.

I certainly do not think a large number of Chinese nor Indians are going to charter a heli to fly home during Chinese New Year or Deepavali.

This entire issue is a misconception and in fact, there are numerous wealthy Malays here.

Perhaps, the only problem here would be the means by which this wealth was acquired.

If this wealth was legally and equally distributed, I am sure there would be no poverty at all in this country.

This does not just apply to the Malays, but much to the Indians also.

MIC did nothing for the community for years, while its leaders continued to steal from the already poor Indians.

Just name me a single Indian who is a non-MIC member who got anything from MIC.

Jonathan Anyi is a TTN reader. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of TTN.