Give PH a Fair Chance to Prove Themselves

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Take a step back and recollect the amount of money BN stole from right under our noses all those years

Bags of money found lying all over the place while some Malaysians did not even have enough food to eat. Transferring millions after millions into their own accounts, with one of their cronies boozing and partying away with celebrities from around the world on a luxury yacht.

The problem here is Malaysians tend to forget all too quickly – this is the scenario we are faced with today.

For the last few years, Najib Razak and his cronies allegedly plundered, raped and stripped the nation mercilessly of every penny and resource they could get their hands on, while responsible Malaysians were working hard to give their families three decent meals a day.

Many spouses and relatives of ministers were said to have wined, dined and shopped like kings and queens at our expense.

Nothing was spared from their greedy little fingers, not even Tabung Haji.

They reportedly went to the extent of supplying inferior quality fire engines and ambulances just to pocket some extra bucks – not giving the slightest damn to our safety.

This was the government we trusted for years.

Finally, we came to our senses and made a change a year ago.


Yes, it cannot be denied we handed over power to a team of rather inexperienced politicians. But greenhorns who are clean, sincere and dedicated to their cause of developing a better Malaysia.

The reality here is PH leaders did not know what was behind the wall and when they finally got over, it was far worse than they imagined.

The damage left behind by BN was horrendous and the clean-up process was much larger than they had anticipated.

The new administration was unable to swing into action because there were no more ropes left to swing with – the coffers were empty!

The recovery process has since begun, but it is something which has to be done according to the rule of the law and is a slow, painstaking one.

However, results have been reaped and millions which had been siphoned off under 1MDB have since been returned, with much more expected soon.

With such an uphill task at hand, it would be fair to say that PH has done reasonably well.

More than a dozen corrupt politicians have since been hauled up to court and there are still many crooked officials out there from the previous regime who are yet to face the music.

High-profile cases: (clockwise from top left) Zahid Hamidi, Tengku Adnan, Musa Aman, Abdul Azeez, Bung Moktar, Hasanah Abdul Hamid, Isa Samad, Irwan Serigar.

PH has only been in power a year and there are already those who incredulously say they regretted their decision to vote in PH. Well, it is seriously time to have their heads examined.

Just 365 days and they reach such a conclusion while they laid there with their arms invitingly wide open for more than six decades to allow themselves to be robbed from under their noses?

The reason why we lost billions is that BN had never thought they would be exposed.

Those who have been charged are accused of brazenly misappropriating millions of ringgit. Do we really want them to come back and finish what they started?

Surely, PH could have delivered much faster if there was actually some money left over in our Treasury.

But the crooks’ tentacles were everywhere. It was worse than a tsunami and nothing was spared.

It would only be fair to give the PH administration a good one term to at least prove themselves.

There is plenty to be done and it is time we put our trust in them to do it.

Stop pointing fingers at the wrong party. Wake up and stop harping on something so ridiculous as wanting to bring back a band of crooks to run the country again.

Jonathan Anyi is a TTN reader. 

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of TTN.