TMJ Earns Brickbats over Social Media Posting

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Call it confidence, or arrogance.

Tunku Mahkota Johor Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim has earned brickbats for his social media posting.

While some were more bemused than anything, others reminded Tunku Ismail, more commonly known as TMJ, that regardless of one’s social standing, everyone was equal in the eyes of God.

This was following his statement on Wednesday, saying that an eagle and a sparrow fly at different heights, adding that everyone should know his place in society.

TMJ also said that only the Johor royalty was worthy to wear Baju Melayu Teluk Belanga with black pants.

One social media user, whose handle on Twitter is @chaher_99, said when one died, he would not get special treatment.

“The angels will not give a double standard treatment in our graves. If you disobey God’s commands, you will be smacked. No more eagles and sparrows.”

Twitter user @fkrl_ said even though he had high respect for the crown prince, the latter’s remark was disappointing.

“Sorry to say, but as a Johorean, I disapprove of this statement. Just because of Baju Melayu.”

@poji63 poked fun at TMJ, saying that he planned on buying a dozen black pants, while @AwalAfellay said: “Good thing I’m a Burung Cenderawasih (bird of paradise).”

Twitter user @HazimMohammad20 reminded TMJ that no matter how high an eagle flew, it would eventually land on the ground to search for food.

“No matter how high your rank is, you still need to go to the ground to search for support. Without the support of ‘normal’ people, the rank of that person won’t be as high.”

@mnazzs_ hit out at TMJ, saying: “There are fine lines between confidence and arrogance.” – NST