Afifah Tells Her Side of the Story About Karaoke with Aliff

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Actress Nur Afifah Nasir, the so-called “other woman” in the dispute between Aliff and his wife clears the air.

In a press conference yesterday that was held at her lawyer’s office, Afifah admitted that she and singer/actor Aliff Aziz held hands, as captured by the karaoke outlet’s CCTV.

“I admit it was my fault for letting him touch my hand and apologise to Bella (Aliff’s wife) for that.

“This is also to clear the air and I have no intention of blaming anyone for the incident. I just want to move on,” Afifah said.

Earlier, the press was privy to a recording of a telephone conversation between Anzalna, Afifah’s elder sister who is also an actress, and a production crew member of ‘Izinkan Aku Mencintaimu’ – the drama series Aliff and Afifah were involved in – on the plan to have the karaoke session.

“The karaoke session was supposed to be for all of us (the cast and crew of the drama series), as we were nearing the ending of the filming,” Afifah said.

Apparently, it was Aliff who suggested that they went to the karaoke on Jul 27, as it was only a mere 10 minutes from the filming location, according to Afifah.

“However, Bella showed up before the rest of the cast and crew arrived,” she added.

In the incident at the karaoke, Aliff and his wife reportedly had a dispute when Bella found her husband in a room with Afifah.

When the scandal broke out and went viral on social media, Afifah came under intense public scrutiny, with many netizens urging her to apologise to Bella.

On Jul 31, Aliff and Bella had held a press conference where the couple revealed they had reconciled.

Among those who were at the press conference was Afifah’s boyfriend and by her own admission “soon-to-be husband”, Wan Ariff, who said that he supported his girlfriend all the way and felt that she was also a victim in the karaoke incident.

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