After Nazri’s “Donkey Could Have Won” in GE14 Remark, Muda Nets 7k Applications

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Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman believes that Umno lawmaker Nazri Abdul Aziz’s disparaging remarks about him had helped boost his Malaysian United Democratic Alliance or Muda.

He said following the Padang Rengas MP calling him “naive and immature”, Muda received 7,000 membership applications within 12 hours.

“Never underestimate the wisdom of the rakyat.

Azneal Ishak/Malaysiakini

“Orang muda, kita kuasa disruptif yang kuat (we are a powerful disruptive force)! Let’s disrupt with Muda,” he tweeted this afternoon.

In an interview with Malay Mail published yesterday, Nazri agreed with former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s pessimistic outlook about Syed Saddiq’s venture.

“… It won’t work. It won’t work. As Mahathir said, it excludes old people. Number two, not all youth will support a youth party.

“All parties have their own youth divisions, and Umno Youth is a very strong movement. Do you think they would want to abandon Umno and support this party? No way,” he said.

Questioning Syed Saddiq’s definition of youth, he also attributed the Muar MP’s victory in the last national polls to the prevalent sentiment against BN at the time.

According to Nazri, who is known for not mincing words, a donkey could have achieved a similar feat.

“The third reason is won’t he grow old? What is his definition of youth? Forty years old? Fifty years old? Or is it supposed to be 20-something all the time?

“I think he is just naive. He got carried away. He won not because of him being a youth leader. It was that tide against BN at the time.

“If you had fielded a donkey, that donkey would have won too. It was simply a tide,” he added.

Previously, Syed Saddiq had told Malaysiakini that Muda would be “youth centric” and not “youth exclusive.”

The former Bersatu Youth chief said his party aims to serve Malaysians of all races regardless of age.

“I am not here (in politics to only be the servant of the Malays.

“I am here to be the servant for all Malaysians. I am not here just to unite the Malays, but to unite all Malaysians,” he added. – Malaysiakini