Akmal unfazed by 3 ministers’ rebuke, maintains KK Mart boycott call

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Umno Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh remains unfazed in his push for a boycott against KK Mart over the “Allah” socks debacle.

This is despite being rebuked by three ministers thus far.

Responding to Transport Minister Anthony Loke, Akmal said he did not need DAP’s approval for his mission.

“I don’t need DAP’s approval to defend my religion from being insulted.

“Whoever you are, I have never been afraid nor will I waver. Full stop. Keep on boycotting!” he said on Facebook last night.

Yesterday, Loke said that DAP did not agree with Akmal’s methods in rebuking KK Mart.

He also questioned whether the Umno Youth chief would react the same way if it involved a Muslim-owned company.

Akmal responded to this on Facebook today, saying that it’s not about race, but about safeguarding the sanctity of Islam.

“If a Muslim-owned shop sells something that insults Islam, we will not just boycott, we will do it even more severely.

“If any party tarnishes Islam, regardless of their race or political beliefs, we will continue to oppose them vehemently.

“You are the one playing this as a racial issue. Shame on you,” said Akmal.

Meanwhile, Akmal also brushed off Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister Tiong King Sing’s warning that the public may view Umno negatively if the party’s youth chief is not reprimanded.

“Can someone give him a mirror? So, he can reflect on himself.

“Even without a position, I would still defend my religion, race, and country!” he said in a separate Facebook post last night.

On Monday, Housing and Local Government Minister Nga Kor Ming had also warned that Akmal’s push against KK Mart may backfire on Umno.

Akmal responded by telling Nga to “bring it on”.

The Umno leader had maintained calls to boycott KK Mart despite the company publicly apologising over the debacle – which it also displays in all its stores.

The offending socks had been found at three KK Mart outlets in Sunway, Selangor last week.

According to authorities, only five pairs of socks were on the shelves.

KK Mart has terminated its deal with the socks’ supplier, who in turn, blamed a company in China for wrongly sending them.

Umno supreme council member Mohd Puad Zarkashi, meanwhile, came to Akmal’s defence.

He said Tiong has no right to pressure Umno to silence Akmal and should not twist it into a racial issue.

“Boycotting is not a racial issue. That’s why when umrah scams involving Muslim-owned travel agencies occur, they would still be boycotted,” said Puad.

He described Tiong’s narratives saying the issue disrupted racial harmony and has a negative impact on the country’s economy as outdated.

Puad also questioned why Tiong didn’t call for KK Mart’s licence to be suspended temporarily instead like what the minister had done previously to a scam travel agency. – Malaysiakini

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