Anwar Backs Guan Eng, Gives Sound Advice to Pakatan Leaders

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Anwar endorsed DAP sec-gen as finance minister, told Pakatan MPs to “look into the mirror first” when lobbying to be ministers.

To Guan Eng:

  • Be careful of “bears and snakes” who will come to kiss your hands and ask for contracts

To Pakatan leaders:

  • Do your work first instead of lobbying to be ministers
  • Be grateful for GE14 victory
  • Do not be arrogant
  • Hold on to integrity
  • Transfer country’s wealth to the people 

Speaking at his first ceramah in three years, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim – a former finance minister himself – endorsed DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng as finance minister.

He said Guan Eng had a good track record in Penang and will ensure open tenders for government projects.

He rubbished allegations that Guan Eng’s position as finance minister threatened the fate of Malay institutions and programmes.

“Just because his name is Lim Guan Eng, people have cast doubts,” he said.

Anwar warned Lim to be careful of the “bears and snakes” who will come to kiss his hands and then ask for contracts.

He also took a swipe at Pakatan MPs with Cabinet aspirations.

“I condemn those MPs who want to be ministers. Look into the mirror first. Thank God we won and the rakyat gave their support. The ministers should do their work, and all are busy lobbying to be ministers. The work has to go on,” said Anwar.


“Some have been busy trying to be minster. Well, just be a minister in the kitchen, that’s enough,” he added.

Anwar also advised Pakatan leaders to be grateful for its victory in GE14, adding that they must never operate the same way as Barisan Nasional did in its 61-year rule of the country.

“We want to be better to make sure that the country’s wealth is transferred to the common people,” said Anwar.

He also told Malaysians to continue monitoring Pakatan elected representatives to ensure that they won’t abuse their powers while reminding Pakatan’s reps to not be arrogant.

“Hold on to integrity and don’t be careless. If we see them living in style, marrying again, change their cars, or buy a new apartment, we will lesing (whack) them when we find out.”