Anwar Defends Ties with DAP

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PKR president Anwar Ibrahim today defended his ties with DAP following queries about the notion that his party and fellow Pakatan Harapan (PH) component member Amanah are subservient to the Chinese-dominated group.

“Every day somebody brings this up,” he said to the question brought up in a comment on his Facebook live session today.

“They say Anwar is good, but he is pecacai DAP,” he added, using the Malay word for “lackey”.

“This is getting tiring.”

He brushed aside the notion, calling it one of many claims by political enemies.

He gave the example of the claim that DAP had banned the call to prayer at all mosques in Penang.

“I was once asked during a talk in Pasir Gudang if this was the case. I told the person that those who made the claim must have lost their hearing,” he said, adding that such statements likely stemmed from the hatred of a particular race.

“We should not show hatred towards other races until we lose our humanity and Islamic principles. But it appears that today, it is okay to do so.”

He also acknowledged that he and DAP do not see eye-to-eye on all matters, referring to a recent PH meeting in which he said they had disagreed on “some things”.

“I also have no plans to defend all the statements made by my friends in DAP,” he added, saying the defence of Malay rights had been one of his priorities since the days of PH’s predecessor, Pakatan Rakyat. – FMT