Anwar hits back at Muhyiddin over ‘careless’ South China Sea remarks

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Muhyiddin urge to attend Parliament more often to understand the govt’s stance over issue.

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim has rubbished Perikatan Nasional chairman Muhyiddin Yassin’s claim that he purportedly made “careless” remarks on the South China Sea, which is the centre of territorial disputes involving several countries.

The prime minister had previously said Beijing had expressed concern over Petronas’ activities in an area of the South China Sea which was being claimed by China.

He had said Putrajaya was open to holding negotiations with Beijing “if China feels this is their right”.

On Thursday, Muhyiddin then claimed Anwar had indirectly acknowledged China’s claim on an area that officially belonged to Malaysia, adding that Malaysia’s territory must be defended.

The Bersatu president said Petronas’ exploration project was within Malaysia’s territory and could not be negotiated or demanded by China, adding that Anwar’s statement could threaten Malaysia’s sovereignty.

However, Anwar said he had told the Chinese government that Petronas’ activities in the South China Sea would continue.

“I said we will continue with our petroleum exploration project (in the South China Sea), full stop.


“I did not say we will give-and-take (with China),” he told reporters after an event in Shah Alam today.

Anwar said when Beijing expressed concern over the territory, he said the two governments could discuss the matter but maintained that China should not stop Petronas’ exploration project from continuing.

Muhyiddin should attend Parliament more often to understand the government’s stance over the ongoing issue, says Anwar.

“This is the problem with the Opposition head. He was not present in Parliament, he did not listen to our views, read our statements and comments.”

Anwar also said that he never gave an indication of giving way towards China’s demands.