Anwar: I was asked to cover up some court cases involving high-ranking figures in Umno and BN

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Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has reiterated his stance to not cooperate with corrupt politicians to fulfil his lifelong plan of becoming the country’s prime minister.

He said he would rather be replaced as PKR president should any of his party members feel unhappy or frustrated with him for not sitting at Putrajaya’s top seat.

Devan Manuel

“Some people keep saying Anwar has failed, failed, failed. Hey, listen here. If you want me to be successful by becoming corrupt, find a new (party) president then,” Anwar said.

In his policy speech during the PKR 16th national congress in Shah Alam today, the Port Dickson MP claimed that he and their Pakatan Harapan allies had rejected the 15 Umno SDs, adding that two of them were from Najib and Zahid.

He further claimed to have received the support of 118 MPs back then as well, which would make him the Dewan Rakyat elected representative with the most votes out of 222.

He said just after 8pm on the day he was supposed to submit his support to the palace to claim his place in Putrajaya, he encountered a problem with some Umno leaders in the court cluster.

“If it was before 8pm, I would’ve been the prime minister. But I want to remain (honest) with all of you. I was asked to cover up some (court cases) involving high-ranking figures in Umno and Barisan Nasional.

“I said, there’s no way I’ll do that. I simply said ‘thank you, let’s meet again in the (next) general election’.

“I could’ve easily (become prime minister). I already had the statutory declarations (SDs). All have been filed but I could not go through with the plan and so it was cancelled.

“Was I wrong to do that? Do you want (me) to be the prime minister? (Party members shout ‘yes’) Okay sure, but let’s not want something by compromising our dignity.”