Anwar: No more racist or unfair policies

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Policies that marginalise minority communities will not be allowed to be implemented under the current administration, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim says.

He said this leadership would continue to protect the people from racism and would end any attempt to use political identity to split the people.

“I guarantee the people – be it the Chinese, Indians and those in Sabah and Sarawak – that this unity government will not allow for these kinds of policies to be put in place,” he told the crowd when unveiling the Malaysia Madani concept.

He said one of the government’s earliest initiatives was to resolve matters and issues affecting the people in Sabah and Sarawak, adding that deputy prime minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof was leading a team to look into this.

There were issues that hurt the feelings of the people in the two regions, some of which were valid while others involved sentiments.

“It is our responsibility to implement what was agreed upon in the MA63 agreement, and I will make more announcements after the meeting in Kuching tomorrow. I believe many other major issues can be resolved (at the meeting),” he said.

On another issue, the Prime Minister said the time had come to put a stop to measuring progress based only on economic growth, foreign investments, and other figures without looking at the effects on the people.

He cited the reported unemployment rate, which showed only a slight decrease but still affected a significant number of women and youth.

Anwar said that while Malaysia’s 4% inflation rate was relatively low, food inflation was at 7%, adding that the number of hardcore poor who live in deplorable states – which stood at 136,000 households as of July last year – remained a concern.

“Without social justice and a humane economy, there will be unfairness. Without political will, governance and transparency, injustice will persist,” said Anwar.

The Prime Minister also outlined several of his priorities, including setting up a multi-dimensional poverty index based on several basic needs such as education, food nutrition, and access to clean water.

Restructuring the economy is also Anwar’s priority, which should be based on measures to prevent wastage and excessive wealth, stop leakages and corruption, and ensure equitable distribution of wealth.

On the long-drawn issue of fighting corruption, he said: “Effective measures against corruption must include a comprehensive approach in law and community awareness. There must be a political will to wage a war on this,” he said. – The Star