Anwar tells Mahathir to ‘look after your health’ after barbed jibe over backdoor deals

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“Look after your health”, a short message by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad when asked about the latest statement of the 98-year-old leader on the backdoor government issue.


The Prime Minister declined to be drawn into the matter and only quipped with the advice and a smile after officiating the Higher Education Ministry (KPT) Discourse at Kuala Lumpur World Trade Centre on Friday (Jan 5).

Earlier, the media reported Dr Mahathir as refuting he was involved in the Dubai Move which was intended to topple the government. He trained his guns on Anwar instead.

“First of all, I haven’t been to Dubai in a long time,” he wrote in a post on X on Friday (Jan 5).

“Secondly, as far as I can remember, making political moves and (forming) back door governments is the specialty of the Prime Minister.

“I’m sure many remember the Sept 16, 2008 move to form a back door government. Then there was also the Kajang Move to appoint his wife to be Selangor (Mentri Besar).

“There (was also political manoeuvring) based on (statements like) ‘I have the numbers’ and ‘strong, formidable and convincing majority’,” he said.

Dr Mahathir questioned why such political moves were not regarded as treasonous or likely to cause instability.

“Only his (Anwar’s) back door governments are halal (permissible) and holy, as long as he gets to be Prime Minister,” he added.