Apologies from Pahang MB and Ku Nan

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Pahang Menteri Besar Adnan Yaakob apologises for being rude while Ku Nan says sorry for controversial “slow learner” remark.


As a Muslim and law-abiding citizen, Adnan said he should apologise for his behaviour in the state assembly last week.

Admitting that he had been rude, Adnan directed his apology to Mentakab DAP assemblyman Tengku Zulpuri Shah Raja Puji, Tanah Rata assemblyman Leong Ngah Ngah and state speaker Ishak Muhammad, Sin Chew Daily reported yesterday.

On Nov 22, the state assembly sitting almost erupted into a brawl after a heated exchange of words between Adnan and Tengku Zulpuri, culminating in Adnan challenging the latter to a fight.

Adnan reportedly said he was willing to create history by brawling in the legislative assembly.

He also reportedly directed harsh words at Leong the next day, also during the legislative assembly.

However, in Sin Chew Daily’s report, Adnan said his challenge to Tengku Zulpuri to “leave the chambers” was not necessarily an invitation to a physical fight outside the hall.

He said they could also have had a discussion over tea and then hugged each other.

Both Tengku Zulpuri and Leong have accepted Adnan’s apology.

Meanwhile, Federal Territories Minister Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor has apologised for his “slow learners go to UiTM” remark on Sunday, which triggered widespread outrage.

He said he had no intention of denigrating anyone and is sincerely sorry if his statement had hurt other’s feelings.

“I was giving a motivational speech to students. It is something I do because I want them to realise that the government which has been in power for the past 60 years has contributed many things that are taken for granted.

“The most important thing the government has provided is security…with this, we are able to do everything; earn a living, run businesses, (receive an) education and many more.

“That was my intention while I was speaking,” he said during a joint press conference with Universiti Teknologi Mara’s (UiTM) Alumni Association yesterday at his office in Menara Dato’ Onn.

The conference followed a private meeting between the minister, who is better known as “Ku Nan”, and the association on the matter.

He thanked the association’s president Datuk Mohd Zaini Hassan and the association’s members for accepting his apology.

Ku Nan added that he did not anticipate that certain quarters would use his remarks against him, and take advantage of the situation to strain his relationship with UiTM’s alumni and students.

“My family and I have benefited a lot from UiTM. It is an institution which was developed to help the Malays and Bumiputera.

“I realise and know that sometimes, I may say the wrong things. I need to be more careful,” Adnan said.

Ku Nan had made his controversial remarks while delivering a speech at the Majlis Anugerah Nadi Negara 2017, purportedly to underscore the fact that many students are not grateful for Umno’s contributions to the country and the privileges they enjoy today.

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