Azmin & Co included in ABU – ‘anything but the untrustworthy’

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Haris Ibrahim has expanded his popular slogan ABU, which stands for “Asalkan bukan Umno or Anything but Umno”, to include the likes of Azmin Ali and Zuraida Kamaruddin as well.

Apart from rejecting candidates from Umno in the coming general election, the activist, who was diagnosed with terminal cancer, urged voters to shun politicians who cannot be trusted.

“…I am still in ABU mode because whoever comes from Umno should be rejected. But we are also going to add to that now – anything but the untrustworthy.

“For example, Azmin, Zuraida, and Saifuddin Abdullah. Untrustworthy, don’t waste our time,” he said in a video circulated on the WhatsApp messaging platform.

Azmin had spearheaded the group of former PKR lawmakers, including Zuraida and Saifuddin, who defected and contributed to the collapse of the Pakatan Harapan government.

The three later joined Bersatu but Zuraida switched to Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) in May this year. Last week, she was appointed as PBM’s president.

Meanwhile, Haris said he would communicate his views on the coming polls through a YouTube channel and Instagram account.

“The 15th general election is upon us. My information is that the polling day is less than a month away. If that is true, we don’t have much time,” he added.

During the previous general election, the lawyer, who has resumed practice to “defend secular Malaysia”, reached out to Malaysians by speaking at ceramah and through his “People’s Parliament” blog postings.

Essentially, Haris said, he has two messages for the public, with the first being the “five pillars of the reform agenda”.

“I urge all of you to look at it carefully so that when the candidates from the various parties come knocking on your door, tell them ‘we are not interested in looking at your manifesto. We have our reform agenda’.

“Use this reform agenda to measure the candidates to help you make your choice,” he added.

Promising to elaborate on the five pillars in his coming videos, Haris stressed that the most important issue is the dismantling of divisive politics.

The five pillars of the reform agenda are:

  • Ending divisive politics
  • MA63 – delivering to Sabah and Sarawak all that was promised without further delay
  • Restoring all guaranteed freedoms to the rakyat
  • Restoring all institutional powers to the rakyat
  • Establishing a needs-based affirmative and poverty eradication policy and programme.