Azmin Says Won’t Quit PKR, Anwar Says They Only Talked About Economy

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PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has dismissed speculation that he was planning to leave for another party, as claimed by his predecessor Syed Hussin Ali.

“I was elected (deputy president) and was given a huge mandate by PKR members. Not me alone, the entire team.

“We secured more than two-thirds (in the central leadership council) in the last party election. So, there is no reason for me to leave the party,” Azmin said.

He said to this to reporters at the Parliament lobby, after being asked if he would stay with PKR.

Azmin said it was only possible for him to leave the party if it was engineered by his rivals.

“If someone (who is jealous of our success) wants to kick me out from the party, it’s up to them.

“However, I am committed to the cause. I will remain in the party. I will continue to build the party and support the leadership and also the members,” he said.

In a recent interview with Malaysiakini, Syed Hussin claimed that Azmin and those aligned to him had toyed with the idea of either joining Bersatu, Gerakan or forming a new party.

Previously, Gerakan president Dominic Lau had confirmed that he had received some overtures from those aligned to Azmin.

Asked to respond to Syed Hussin’s claim, Azmin brushed it off.

“It is his view. He has been in politics for decades. No effect. Maybe he is jealous of Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s success. (Mahathir) is well received by Malaysians.

Jadi, biasalah (so, it’s normal),” said Azmin.

PKR has been split into two camps since the party’s leadership election last November, divided between loyalists of PKR president Anwar Ibrahim on one side and Azmin on the other.

Azmin has not attended any of the party’s central leadership council or political bureau meetings since the new leadership line-up was formed.

However, Anwar and Azmin were spotted at the MPs lounge today, engaging in a long and cordial discussion.


Anwar said he only discussed economic matters with Azmin.

Initially declining to comment, he finally relented after reporters pursued him to his car about 50 metres outside the entrance of Parliament to press him on the matter.

“No, that is only a normal meeting. We discuss the country’s economic issues.

Ahmad Zamzhuri

“Please save me from the riot; the party is under control, the party is fine,” he said before entering his car at about 1.15pm today.

About 45 minutes earlier, Anwar was seen sitting with Azmin and PKR secretary-general Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Ismail at the cafe in the building.

It was the first time the top two PKR leaders have been publicly seen together outside of formal occasions or Pakatan Harapan events since the party election last year.